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SPA AT HOME - ORGANIC SPA RITUAL - NORMAL in der Gruppe Packages  bei  Nature Cosmetic Group Of Swedish Lapland AB (SPAHOME-NORMAL)

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Enjoy the luxurious feeling of an Organic Spa ritual – We send you a 1.2.3 manual to use. You can read about the experience on overview.  
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If possible - lower the lighting in the bathroom, play music you like. Feel free to put a jug of water and any vegetable in the water. 

  1. Go into the shower and let the water sprinkle down over your head. Take three deep breaths and feel the water wash away your anxiety and stress. Make contact with every part of your body by tensing your right leg, left leg, pinching your buttocks, stretching your arms. Finish with three deep breaths.
  2. Take Eco Clean Face Canola - apply it on the back of the nose, chin and forehead. Work with circulating movements around the ears, towards the neck. Finish by pulling the palms with light movements from the nose to the neck and décolleté.
  3. Increase the temperature of the water as much as you can so that it is still comfortable. Feel how hot you get, the steam in the room becomes intense and your pores really open up.
  4. Wash your whole body with Body Shower Lemongrass. Feel free to use a small terry towel that you soak and put on a body shower on it. Rinse thoroughly. Then turn off the water.
  5. Take the Sauna Birch Scrub - Start by applying it to the top of the feet and work your way up to the heart in circular motions. With 100% degradable apricot kernels, you exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells from the body. Let it sit.
  6. Now apply Eco Facial Scrub on nose, chin - leave on for about 2 minutes. With light circulating movements, work from the nose to the ears, forehead, chin and finish down towards the cleavage. Turn on the water and rinse your face and body.
  7. Step to the side - turn on as cold water as you can. Go into the shower and rinse for at least 30 seconds under as cold water as possible. Turn off the shower. Apply some Muscle Liniment on the legs and shoulders. Put on your favorite bathrobe and wash your hands thoroughly to remove all muscle liniment.
  8. Now apply a generous amount of Cloudberry Facial Mask all over your face. Let it work for at least 20 minutes. Enjoy a cold beneficial drink and calm music.
  9. End the whole spar ritual with that when you have cooled down and are starting to feel ready - lubricate the whole body with Body Lotion Lingonberry. Take a little more than you usually do when you use body lotion - in addition to moisturizing the body, it acts as a mask after you have thoroughly cleansed your body. The next morning when you wake up, use CLOUDBERRY FACIAL CREAM Cream after cleansing your face.